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Hartford Fire Department
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The City of Hartford & Hartford Township entered into an agreement September 13, 1973 to jointly support the Hartford Fire Department. The department is run by a Fire Board which consists of five (5) members, for terms of six (6) years each. Capital Assets purchased by the Hartford Fire Board are owned by the City of Hartford and the Township of Hartford on a 50/50 share basis.
The Hartford Fire Board made a purchase of a new 75' Aerial Fire Apparatus with 1,000 gallon water tank and 1,500 gpm water pump for a purchase price of $591,865. This purchase was made with a generous donation by an anonymous citizen and a two year millage approved by the property owners of both municipalities. The fire truck will be jointly owned by the Township and City and the Hartford Fire Board monitors the equipment and facility's conditions to keep all in good repair.
The annual approved budget for operations and capital equipment reserves is supported by contributions from the member units of the Fire Board in proportion to their respective share determined by a formula that incorporates population, risk, percentage of fire runs in a unit' s area, etc. The City of Hartford contributed a total of $55,275* with $5,000 in capital equipment restrictions. The Township of Hartford contributed a total of $80,415* with $5,000 in capital equipment restrictions.
*audited financial statements 6/20/07

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